What are some popular dishes at Southern Fire Kitchen?


Southern Fire Kitchen is a restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia, known for its Soul Food cuisine. Some popular dishes at the restaurant include lamb, lamb cutlets, mac-n-cheese, Jerk Chicken Over Rice, Southern Fire HOT Chicken Sandwich, Alfredo Pasta, and Lobster Pasta.

southern fire kitchen

Vegetarian options available at Southern Fire Kitchen:

At Southern Fire Kitchen in Atlanta, vegetarian options include dishes like


Alfredo Pasta

Jerk Chicken Over Rice

Southern Fire HOT Chicken Sandwich

 Additionally, the restaurant offers a variety of soul food dishes suitable for vegetarians, providing a flavorful dining experience for those seeking meat-free options. Customers can explore these vegetarian selections on the restaurant’s website and enjoy Southern Fire Kitchen’s rich flavors and diverse offerings.

southern fire kitchen

Prices of vegetarian dishes

The prices of these vegetarian dishes are as follows:

  • Mac-n-cheese: $15.001
  • Alfredo Pasta: $15.001

These vegetarian options are priced similarly to other dishes on the menu, such as the Southern Fire HOT Chicken Sandwich at $15.001. Customers can explore these vegetarian dishes and their prices on the restaurant’s website.

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